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Personalized Coaching Program

Our Synergy team offers programming specific to your athletic and personal goals. Each program is written with the purpose to help you achieve the performance your life demands. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your movement and strength to an adult fitness client trying to shed a few pounds, we have a program for you. What’s even better? If we don’t have the exact program you are looking for, we have a highly educated staff that is willing to create a specialized program just for you!

Adult Training

Synergy Sports Performance is not just for the sports world. We are now excited to train adults. Whether your goal is weight loss, injury rehabilitation or to simply get a great workout, our online coaching classes cater to the needs of adults of all ages and fitness levels. Synergy is happy to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Access to trainers

Programs are 8 weeks in length with 4-5 workouts per week. Throughout the 8 week online coaching course you will have access to trainers (the program creator) for consultations and to answer any questions or concerns you have. With your goals in mind they will help guide you through the specialized program.

Sports Specific Coaching


Football is a highly explosive sport with an athlete’s size also being of vital importance. This offseason program is built for the football player looking to get an explosive edge and emphasize the hypertrophy phase of the offseason.


Being a soccer athlete requires a high demand of numerous athletic abilities. Agility, explosive demands, lateral quickness, sprint ability, and overall strength to be physical in your play on the field. In this offseason program we will emphasize mainly the sport-specific strength and agility  component with an addition of metabolic conditioning and agility.


Basketball involves a combination of strength, power, speed, and agility in order to be successful on the court. Controlling your workout routine in the offseason to better these areas is of great importance for the athlete looking to take their game to new heights.


Baseball is a highly rotational sport whether it comes to pitching, throwing, or hitting. Having the strength to keep your body healthy to diminish overuse injuries is critical in a sport such as baseball. This offseason program is perfect for an athlete looking to become stronger and more athletic in all planes of motion relevant to baseball.


Success on the Volleyball court is all about high power output from the player. Being powerful has to come from being strong first. This offseason program is designed to put the Volleyball player in a position to gain strength and transition that to power output.


As a wrestler, a lot goes into preparing for competition. Being at peak condition includes being able to be powerful, strong, flexible, and conditioned. The offseason is the best time to enhance your overall strength, power, and flexibility while you don’t have to worry about making a weight class. This program is for the wrestler looking to become more athletic on the mat.

Personal Training

Programs offered: Don’t see what you are looking for? Just contact us and we can make you a personalized program specific to your needs.

Weight Loss

If you are looking to shed a few pounds, get back in shape, or just feel a little more self-confident, this is the program for you. Here, we emphasize what it takes for your goal from a physical training standpoint. With that being said, Nutrition is going to be your biggest ally. Nutritional Healing is a proud partner of Synergy Sports Performance and are a great contact to help with all of your nutritional needs.


Building muscle mass is all about time under tension and manipulating high amounts of volume. Muscle builds only when it is broken down first. With that being said, recovery is king. You can only progress as far as your body allows you to heal. This program is structured around periodized weight training to allow your body to build mass. With that being said, Nutrition plays a key role in building healthy mass efficiently. Nutritional Healing is a proud partner of Synergy Sports Performance! They are a great contact to utilize in order to help you achieve your nutritional needs.


Our qualified professionals offer a variety of programs for those interested in improving their health and fitness. We have designed our programs to be accessible for every body, regardless of physical ability or injury. Every class contains an element customized to target the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

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Recovery Classes

– We have set specific times for our recovery classes where a staff member will be present to address any additional recovery needs that our athletes have.

Mondays Wednesdays, Thursdays – 7pm

Saturdays – 10 am

Price – all classes are included in our recovery membership ($125/month unlimited) or 1 day pass ($35/class)