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Personalized Coaching Program

Our Synergy team offers programming specific to your athletic and personal goals. Each program is written with the purpose to help you achieve the performance your life demands. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your movement and strength to an adult fitness client trying to shed a few pounds, we have a program for you. What’s even better? If we don’t have the exact program you are looking for, we have a highly educated staff that is willing to create a specialized program just for you!

Coach Me Plus Membership

For athletes who don’t want private training, but still would like some guidance, this membership allows athletes to take advantage of a personalized program of daily workouts, nutrition analysis, and all-access to Synergy’s facility which includes, weight room and recovery lounge. You will get set up on our Coach Me Plus App and have daily contact with our trainers to guide you through your goals and help improve your performance. Call us now to get set up with Coach Me Plus

Access to trainers through Coach me plus APP

Memberships are monthly with 4-5 workouts per week. Throughout the program you will have access to trainers (the program creator) for consultations and to answer any questions or concerns you have. With your goals in mind they will help guide you through the specialized program.

Personal Training

Programs offered: Don’t see what you are looking for? Just contact us and we can make you a personalized program specific to your needs.

Sport Performance Training

Our programs strive to build a solid athletic foundation for our athletes. Our performance training focus points include movement training, linear and lateral speed techniques, speed and agility, explosive power and functional strength development, conditioning and injury prevention. Private, Buddy, small group, and team training are all available. Call now for details!


Building muscle mass is all about time under tension and manipulating high amounts of volume. Muscle builds only when it is broken down first. With that being said, recovery is king. You can only progress as far as your body allows you to heal. This program is structured around periodized weight training to allow your body to build mass. With that being said, Nutrition plays a key role in building healthy mass efficiently. Nutritional Healing is a proud partner of Synergy Sports Performance! They are a great contact to utilize in order to help you achieve your nutritional needs.


Our qualified professionals offer a variety of programs for those interested in improving their health and fitness. We have designed our programs to be accessible for every body, regardless of physical ability or injury. Every class contains an element customized to target the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

Try our recovery lounge on us

One week trial pass to our state of the art recovery lounge free for all new guests!