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Sports nutrition

Improve your performance through your diet!

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors that impact your performance, but can often be the most challenging and neglected area for athletes. With our nutrition consultations, you can receive the guidance you need to bring your performance to the next level.

Programs will consist of an initial assessment and follow up appointments that will touch on eating habits, supplements, nutrient timing, stress, sleep, and more!

Customized Nutrition Programs

– Measure Body Composition – Inbody Scan

– Determine individual caloric needs and macronutrient values

– Menu Plans

– Follow up appointments for accountability and guidance throughout your whole program.

Synergy is now offering online nutrition services!

Brittany is now offering completely ONLINE nutrition consultations! This option requires clients to fill out a detailed form via email regarding health history, physical activity level, lifestyle factors, diet, and personal goals. Brittany then uses this information to determine what specific calorie, macronutrient, and other dietary patterns are best for the individual. Other resources that may be shared include: suggestions for the best foods to consume, healthy recipe ideas, grocery shopping tips, and more. If you find your schedule doesn’t allow time for a face-to-face appointment, or if you just prefer a convenient approach to receiving nutrition guidance, the online nutrition consultation is a great choice. Call or email us for more details!


Pricing Packages:

1 Month Package - $99.99

– 60 minute assessment

– 1 Follow Up Appointment


3 Month Package - $249.99

– 60 Minute Assessment

– 6 Follow Ups

6 Month Package - $424.99

– 60 Minute Assessment

– 12 Follow Up Appointments

Recover Faster

Perform At Your Best

Practice Better Eating Habits

Make Lifestyle Changes

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