Synergy Sports Performance is happy to offer internship opportunities to those who are looking to obtain more experience in the sport performance world. We offer college accredited internships for those students looking to learn while fulfilling class requirements. Synergy also allows internships for those people who are looking to gain some practical experience for their own progression. Either route, we are happy to help you on your journey!
Internship Expectations:
Over the course of your internship there are many avenues for learning. One of our primary goals for you’re internship is to help you become a better trainer. What this means to us, is putting you in the actual position to coach kids, athletes, and adults. We believe the greatest way to learn is through hands on experience and not by standing around watching and taking notes. Though this may seem scary at first, we do our best to transition our interns into meeting our clientele, observing our training methods, and then gradually getting you into coaching all by yourself. Another goal we have for our interns is offering education on all of our recovery tools. Synergy is proud to have an amazing recovery lounge where we can offer recovery pump boots, hot/cold contrast therapy, Rock Taping, Rock Blades, Cupping, Theragun/Hyperice tools, and an infrared sauna. In this business, you can only push the body to certain limits until the body needs help. Being able to offer an entire lounge for our clientele to help their bodies seek peak performance is fantastic. We will take you through the why’s and how’s of all of our recovery equipment. The last main area of education that can be taken away from the internship experience is the business side of being a private training facility. Understanding how to interact with outside businesses and clients is detrimental to our success. It is also great to understand the behind the scenes extras that it takes to make a training business thrive! Other minor things that we also hit on in the internship process is our online programming, individual assessments, marketing, and social media exposure.
Internships Offered:
Fall Semester – September – December
Winter Break – December to February
Spring – February to May
Summer – May to August
*Specific start and end dates based on semester dates and holidays

For more information or internship inquiries please email [email protected]
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