Synergy Sports Performance Private Personal Custom Training Program for Student Athletes


Synergy’s Holiday Agility Camp

Take your athleticism to new heights with our sport performance agility camp. Develop the agility and quickness necessary to dominate your sport. Don’t settle for average, strive for greatness!

Date: Thursday, December 28th 2023

Time: 12-2pm

Price $59/athlete



Athlete Performance Class

Our speed class will help athletes develop skills that boost performance in every sport. We will learn running technique and form, stabilization and strength, linear and lateral quickness. Our athletes don’t just work to be fast. They’re strong, agile, powerful and determined to succeed at whatever they take on!



During the School Year  Sept – June: Mondays – Thursdays 4-5pm  

Saturdays 9-10am ( Saturdays: Sept – May (no Memorial Day Weekend)


~  Summer Time Hours : June 1st – Sept 3rd – Group Performance Class will be Mondays through Thursdays 4-5pm

Fill out the liability waiver online

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  • Parent signature if under 18

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Harsh winters and sweltering summers can hamper any Midwest athlete’s speed training. Don’t let your training suffer because you don’t have access to a proper training facility. Synergy Sports Performance has the space and field quality to accommodate authentic speed training and the faculty to develop players into the top-tier athletes they have the potential to be. All athletes are required to sign a waiver prior to participating in all activities at Synergy Sports Performance. Please download the waiver and bring the signed copy with you to your first match.

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